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First. I wanted to apologize to Grant Sous vide to have taken so long to finish this series of reviews. But as I was saying I had a lot of work, not enough time on my hand and when I had some time I was too tired to even contemplate writing. But here it is, the very anticipated SV100 review.

As I said in the previous article the people at Grant Sous vide allowed me to test out two of there machines, the SVE12 and the SV100. the SVE12 was a good machine, a very good machine, a couple of improvements wouldn’t go amiss, but a good machine nonetheless. I couldn’t wait to start testing the SV100.

I opened the box and there it was, quite impressive in size I have to say. It was bigger than I expected. A big body and an equally long immersed part. I compared it to the Swid (forgot to take a picture though) it was significantly bigger. Aesthetically I thought it was quite nice , didn’t have this industrial look that some of its competitor have. Like with the SVE12 a single sheet instruction manual was the first thing you saw when opening the box, seems scarce but it a testament to the ease of use of this equipment. It’s so easy I didn’t have to read the instructions to get it going. (But I recommend you do).

IMG_1493 IMG_1514

I took it out of the box and attached it to an 18 litres gastro pan and set it off.

A great aspect of the SV100 is the noise, there is none!. the machine is extremely silent. I set the temp and there she was stirring and heating. The water agitation is very good, it felt a bit less powerful than the Polyscience 7306, but still does the job of keeping a constant temperature all over the container. This, I measured with my trusty thermocouple. The heating time is similar to pretty much every model I’ve tested so far, approx 25 minutes from 45°C to 80°C for an 18 litres container.

IMG_1502 IMG_1596 IMG_1595

How does it work?

To set the temperature, press the S button. The screen will flash for a second and display the current temp. Use the really cool rotary knob to your temperature of choice. Press S again and the display goes back to the current temperature and the water start heating up. How easy is that?

A cool feature is that you can set and store three temperature presets. So you can record your favorite temp for fish, meat and vegetable and access them quickly later. Or if you’re using it in a restaurant, it allows less experience chefs or sous chefs to use the equipment by just using the presets.

Size-wise, as I was saying above, it is bigger than the Swid, but not so much that it becomes a problem, it can still be used in a home kitchen. It is bigger but it is also feels sturdier. I understand that it could be a problem for some, but really I had it in a cupboard when I wasn’t using it and it is fine.

In term of use, it’s a blast. I love the rotary dial for the temperature setting. As I said earlier it is pretty much plug and play, that’s the reason the user guide is limited to one concise page. It looks pretty. It’s just fun to use and it doesn’t have this ultra complicated Lab tool feel to it. It feel familiar, like you always had one.

One thing that might sound weird, but is actually quite important is the Clamp system which allow you to attach the SV100 to any container, it is simply one of the best clamp system I came across to date, big and sturdy and safe looking.


So, how would I compare it to the SVE12? Being a immersion circulator you can use it with various size containers, which is a good thing for bigger pieces of food that wouldn’t fit in the SVE12. Personally I’m partial to immersion circulators, they are more versatile, they easily transportable and can be adapted to anything.

To conclude it’s a very good machine with a very attractive price, which makes it a good alternative to the Swid. Grant Sous vide is a very respected company working with chefs for years, coming up with great new tools all the time.

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3 Responses to “Test Grant Sous Vide SV100”

  1. James says:

    Die Homepage von James
    I bought the updated SV200 a couple of weeks ago on ebay for £699 delivered. @Michael: Grant have confirmed that this issue has been fixed on their latest model. @Adam: There is a very faint whirr coming from the SV200 but it’s not annoying and actually reassures that the thing is still switched on.

    I’m extremely impressed with the build quality and the temperature regulation. The stirring paddle keeps the water temperature consistent even when the container is stuffed full of pouches.

    I would recommend the Grant SV200 to anyone and a few of my friends have bought one too.

  2. Michael says:

    Die Homepage von Michael
    I have had my Grant SV100 for 3 years now and have had to repair the thing three times. Same problem each time- the temp set button and the motherboard behind it. Appears to be a serious design flaw.

  3. Adam says:

    Die Homepage von Adam
    Great site and great reviews! I’m in the process of buying an immersion circulator. Is the Grant SV100 more silent than the Swid and the ones from Polyscience?

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