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Chicken Feet Dim Sum.

I’ve been away for a while and I’m sorry. I was very busy at work. I’m back with an old recipe. I meant to post this earlier, but never got to it. Sorry for the french readers, I have some trouble making the translation work on the blog. As soon as I fix it i’ll […]

Sous vide rolled pig’s head

Lots of people are scared of the most delicious parts of any animal. I for one, love cheeks, tongue, tail, liver, brains, etc… I’ve seen online a recipe for a rolled pig’s face and really wanted to try it out. On one of my trip to Borough Market, I ordered a pig’s head at the […]

Pressed ox tongue.

I love tongue, ox tongue that is. I particularly like the cured pressed tongue. I buy it every time I find it. Last Saturday I was shopping at Waitrose and stumbled upon an already salted ox tongue vacuum packed. I didn’t hesitate one second and bought it. There’s various recipes of pressed tongue and they […]